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These are some of the custom pieces we've done.

One of our most interesting custom jobs was making electrified aluminum butt plugs for Mike Pastori, Master of Draconium. He requested two different custom shapes, each fitted with a banana jack to connect to his TENS unit. We machined the butt plugs from aluminum, then fitted each with a custom-made stainless steel banana jack coupled to the aluminum with an antioxidant to ensure many years of trouble-free service. Mr. Pastori was kind enough to provide us with some photos of the butt plugs connected to his unit.

This is a style we've recently added to our stock line due to the number of requests we've had. It's patterned after some of the widely-available latex butt plugs, and it has the advantage of being very easy to insert and quite comfortable to hold. Our custom designs have been in 1-3/4" acrylic (top) and 1-1/2" aluminum (bottom), but we can do any size in any material, and do it with or without the center hole for enema use. As with any of our items, we can trim the sides if requested; in our experience this makes no difference in the comfort for most uses, but if you want a butt plug that you can wear during normal daily activities for hours at a time the side clearance is a bit more comfortable.

This was one of our original prototypes of an acrylic enema nozzle. It's a rather aesthetically pleasing style, and it gives a wonderful sense of fullness and excellent retention.

This is a lumpy enema nozzle that we did on a whim, but it's turned out to be one of our most-requested custom styles. The resemblance to the electrified butt plug shown above isn't coincidental! We have no plans to make this a stock style due to the wide range of variations possible, but we can do it as a custom plug or nozzle. This gives us a lot of lattitude to work with the customer on getting the sizes of everything just right. An interesting twist on this style is one with graduated bump sizes, such as 1" for the first one, 1-1/2" for the second, and 2" for the third.

This enema nozzle is actually a prototype that we made custom for a customer. We sent him a photo of it, and he decided that he wanted something a bit smaller. Since we really liked this one, we decided to start fresh to make what he wanted (he ended up very happy with a 1-3/8" diameter nozzle with a similar shape) and keep this one the way it is.

This nozzle is great for colonic use, since it doesn't have the retention area found on most of our nozzles. This allows the wearer to allow the enema solution to flow back out as desired. Great fun in a bathtub with several gallons of water on hand!

Hopefully this look at our custom work has given you some ideas for what you'd like. The majority of our work is custom, so we're used to working with customers to make sure that their item turns out just right.

Email us and let us know what you have in mind, or send us a sketch, and we'll be happy to give you a free, no-obligation quote!

Get a free, no-obligation quote!

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